2008 Art of Manliness Man of the Year Finalist: Aaron Blue

Nominee’s Name: Aaron Blue

Age of Nominee: 33

Nominee’s Location: San Diego, California

Why should Aaron Blue be The Art of Manliness/Old Spice Man of the Year?:

1. Every day my husband rises at 5am, works a 10 hour day, and drives home again after dark.
2. He works at a job that he doesn’t particularly like, and that wrecks his body a little bit more each year because it’s the responsible thing to do, to take care of his wife and three children.
3. On the weekends he still works at other jobs.
4. When he’s not working he’s probably at his parents helping them fix up their house. Or doing general maintenance and repairs.
5. On his days off he likes to get up and make breakfast for all of us.
6. He makes amazing French toast.
7. He can cook better than I can.
8. He’s a great dad.
9. He’s always calm in a crisis or debate
10. He spends hours on the phone helping his grandparents figure out how to use their computer.
11. He goes often fix something for them.
12. He can fix just about anything.
13. Once when the bolt holding the rear differential onto our car sheered off on the freeway, he and a friend fixed it using nothing but two pairs of channel locks, and two jacks.
14. He replaced the shocks and bearings on our van himself.
15. He builds furniture.
16. He can build a house from the ground up all by himself.
17. He has a Black Belt in Tai Kwan Do.
18. He has a green belt in Wado Ryu, which he says is more meaningful because it’s a much more rigorous system.
19. He knows how to fight with knives and swords.
20. He is not a violent man. He believes it is evil for the strong to hurt the weak, it is his job to protect those who are weaker than him.
21. He travels the world to help the weak and poor.
22. He taught school in India to little kids from the slums.
23. He fed street boys in Nepal.
24. In a hospital in India he found an old man lying on the floor in the hallway in a pool of his own waste. He cleaned him up and got him fresh clothing and some food. He made everyone watching go away to respect the man’s dignity.
25. He budgets with the poor in mind. Is it worth it to spend money on x when that could cover cost of digging a well in Africa?
26. When people give him money for his birthday he usually spends it on something the whole family needs.
27. He’s generous. He is always giving money or food to someone who needs it.
28. He works hard.
29. He’s gentle.
30. He’s the guy that people call if they are in trouble, and he always goes.
31. He plans fun adventures for his kids.
32. He can butcher farm animals for food.
33. He’s a patient and supportive husband.
34. He’s a good husband in other ways too. Wink wink.
35. Once when there was a wildfire threatening his family’s home, while the rest of us evacuated, he and his brother and his dad stayed behind to protect the house.
36. They ran out of food so he baked some bread and killed one of the chickens to make dinner. (The fire didn’t come close enough to be a threat, but the entire county was closed down because of the evacuation.)
37. He’s building a non-profit organization to help orphans and refugee communities in Thailand.
38. We’re moving there next year so he can help set up orphanages and businesses that will help the communities.
39. He makes a kilt look good. In fact he makes all of the men’s non-bifurcated garments from all the various culture he’s lived in look good. How many guys can look masculine in a sarong?
40. He’s really smart. He has a bachelor degree in philosophy and is working on a Master’s degree.
41. In a conversation he sincerely tries to understand the other person’s point of view.
42. He is a good listener.
43. He’s a loyal friend.
44. He puts family first. He is the oldest of 8 children. When he was in college he chose to spend his time at home with his family and with his little brothers and sisters instead of going out and having fun with friends.
45. He is good at encouraging others and recognizing their strengths.
46. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.
47. If he won this contest he would probably use the money to help start the NGO, or send it to a friend of his who is taking care of 40 orphaned kids right now and needs help.

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