2008 Art of Manliness Man of the Year Finalist: Dylan T. Barnes

The Name of Your Nominee: Dylan T. Barnes

Age of Nominee: 18

Nominee’s Location: Chicago, Illinois

Why should Dylan T. Barnes be The Art of Manliness/Old Spice Man of the Year?:

I believe my son, Dylan Barnes, should be the Art of Manliness/Old Spice Man of the Year because–despite his young age–he is strong, loyal, hard-working, funny, kind to all especially the very young and the very old, frugal, resourceful, and he never whines. No matter what happens or where he is, I can count on Dylan to do the right thing with a smile.

I was a working single mother for most of Dylan’s life, so he had to learn early to be on time, make his own lunches and do his own laundry. As he became a teen, I watched him apply self-discipline to his school work and athletic activities. I saw him do regular volunteer work, from refereeing games to serving the homeless to being the dunk tank target at the village 4th of July celebration. I saw him help and counsel his friends, take out the garbage, and give his all to school athletic teams even when they lost more than they won.

At the end of his junior year, his grandfather died. Dylan attended the out of town funeral, and then helped his grandmother host a memorial service a week later. Dylan had a terrible sinus infection, but greeted guests and visited with mourners while other family members twice his age could only “handle” sitting outside in the hall.

Right before his senior year of high school, Dylan took on a restaurant job. He had 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 days before his training day, but started on time without a word of complaint. Throughout the school year, despite snow and cold and flu and colds, he never missed a day or night of work. He even worked a full shift on the day of his graduation party.

Now Dylan’s attending a prestigious college in Chicago area, but is still the same good-hearted young man. He was doing volunteer work on the day after he moved into his dorm. Over fall break, he insisted on accompanying us on a trip to visit his 99-year-old great-grandmother. He studied all the way there and all the way back.

Dylan Barnes is more responsible, more generous, and more humble than most men twice or three times his age. And because he uses Old Spice body wash, he always smells good, too. Dylan embodies the Art of Manliness, and deserves to be the Old Spice Man of the Year.

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