Art of Manliness FAQ

Before you send a question, look over these FAQs to see if your question has already been answered.


1. What makes you experts on manliness?

We’ve never said we’re experts. In fact, the idea that there’s such a thing as an “expert in manliness” is sort of silly. We’re just two people who are passionate about helping men become better men. We want to provide an alternative men’s magazine for men who are tired of the crap that’s put out for men by most media outlets. We see our role as researchers and writers who try to dig up the best information out there and make that info available to readers. I’m learning right along with everyone else.

2. If this is a blog about manliness, why do you have a woman writing on it?

Because my wife is awesome. That’s why. But seriously, my wife Kate is a very talented writer and editor. Her degree in history has been an important asset to our site with its focus on using the past as inspiration for men today. She also helps me take care of the myriad of administrative and side jobs that the blog entails. So I’m not going to let my “manly” pride get in the way of including someone who does such great stuff for the site.

Moreover, I think it’s good to get a woman’s perspective on what they think manliness means. As a man, I’m sometimes too close to the subject of manliness to be able to articulate things and put into words what is a lived experience. Kate acts as a sort of anthropologist, studying things from the outside, and this distance gives her a different set of observations and insights. Woven together, I think our perspectives provide a much richer perspective on manhood.

3. Is this a Christian blog?

Although the Art of Manliness encourages men to live moral, ethical, and virtuous lives, AoM is not a Christian blog. Christianity and religion in general do not have a monopoly on morality or virtuous living. There is a void on the internet for websites that talk about having principles but do so in a secular manner. The Art of Manliness hopes to fill that void and welcomes readers of any creed or faith, or of no faith at all.

4. What is manliness anyway? Doesn’t some of what you talk about apply to women too?

Read this article for our definition of manliness.

5. Why are so many of the pictures you use with articles of white guys? Aren’t men of color manly too?

Of course! While it’s true that there are more white faces than those of color, this simply reflects what’s available to us with the vintage design-theme we have chosen for our blog. We can spend an hour or two searching for just the right picture for an article and when searching for vintage images, 98% of the results are for pictures of caucasian men. We wish there were more vintage pictures of men of color, but they’re quite hard to find. Whenever we come across a great picture of someone of color, we use it.

6. Is there a sister site to the Art of Manliness for women?

There does not currently exist a sister site to the Art of Manliness that’s aimed at women. It’s definitely a niche that needs filling, and Kate and I have talked about starting one, but right now AoM keeps us pretty busy.

7. Will you trade links in your blogroll with mine?

It depends. The blogroll is a valuable place on our website. Because we’re a PR 5 blog, having a link on our blogroll can provide a website with valuable SEO juice that will help the site go up in Google’s search index. The problem is that whenever we link to a website in our blog roll, we lose page rank juice ourselves. The lower ranked a site is, the more page rank mojo we lose. So to ensure that our page rank isn’t diluted too much, we only include links in the blogroll that are 1) relevant to our site and 2) have at least a page rank 5. If your site is just starting out and you want a link on AoM, consider asking for a link in our weekly roundup posts and not in the blogroll. If your site grows, we’ll consider adding it to the blogroll in the future.

8. Will you link to my blog?

If you’ve published an article on your website or blog that you think would be of interest to AoM’s readers, email me a link to it. If I like it, I’ll post it in the Art of Manliness Trunk.

9. Do you accept guest submissions?

We sure do! If you’d like to write for us, check out our Write For AoM page.

10. I have a new blog and need some advice on getting traffic and making money on it. Can you give me some advice?

I unfortunately don’t have time to personally give advice on blogging. Here are some sites that offer solid suggestions on how to make a go at blogging that I would suggest thoroughly reading through–that’s how I learned!

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