The Art of Manliness Man’s Guide to the Holidays eBook

Memories of Granddad….

Remember going to your grandpa’s house for the holidays? Everything was warm and magical. You’d watch in awe as he would masterfully carve the Thanksgiving turkey. You’d soak in the smell of the fresh cut Christmas tree that Gramps had hewed with nothing but a handsaw. In the evenings, you’d lay on the carpet next to the cozy fire that your grandpa built. You could never figure out how he got it to last for hours without adding logs. You’d snack on some freshly roasted chestnuts, wash them down with hot chocolate that was as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars, and gaze up at the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. As Bing Crosby crooned about a white Christmas, the world simply drifted away.

Now you’re an adult. Maybe you have a family of your own. For some reason or another you never got around to learning all those tricks your grandpa used to make the holidays absolutely magical. You’ve wanted to learn, but there’s never really been a resource to teach men how to make the holidays amazing. That is until now.


From the editors of the Art of Manliness, A Man’s Guide to the Holidays is the first holiday guide written specifically for men. Now you can make the holidays magical (and manly) just like granddad did.

What You’ll Learn in the eBook

Learn how to carve a turkey like a man

Learn how to build the perfect snowball

Learn how to roast chestnuts on an open fire

Learn how to tip like a gentleman during the holidays

Learn how to cut down your own fresh Christmas tree

Learn how to build a cozy fire

Learn how to mix 11 jolly holiday cocktails

Learn how to make “Polar Express” hot chocolate

Learn how to be an awesome Santa Claus

And much, much more!


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Festively Illustrated to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

We scoured old archival images to find holiday illustrations that will make the Grinchiest of Grinches nostalgic for days gone by. These wonderful mid-century illustrations give the Man’s Guide to the Holidays that warm, old-fashioned charm that you’ve grown accustomed to on the Art of Manliness.

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50% Off! Only $4.98!

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