2008 Art of Manliness Man of the Year Finalist: Jared Alexander Patchin

The Name of Your Nominee: Jared Alexander Patchin

Age of Nominee: 26

Nominee’s Location: Boise, Idaho

Why should Jared Alexander Patchin be The Art of Manliness/Old Spice Man of the Year?:

One of the first things I noticed about Jared was one of those little things it is easy to miss. One of those little things that is so telling about a man’s character but so subtle that it often goes unremarked. We were at my graduation party and he was politely visiting with my friends and my friend’s friends. A young man of my acquaintance had heard that Jared was a competitive cyclist and so engaged him in a nearly endless conversation about the ins and outs of the sport. The young man waxed on about his accomplishments in the field, how he had trained and raced and, had he not been sidelined by a back injury, would have been wildly successful. I overheard bits and pieces of this conversation as I passed back and forth and thought little of it; just the usual dull chat. Later that day I discovered that this acquaintance had no idea that Jared was a Cat 2 rider on a team sponsored by Specialized. An hour’s conversation and the clearest evidence of humility.

After we were married I had a similar revelation about his industry. Every night we would both arrive home from work and strangely enough he would not sit down, put his feet up and turn on the TV. Instead he washed dishes while I cooked, asked if there was laundry to do, took out the trash or started a home improvement project. I was genuinely puzzled but he simply said “I want to be with you and if you are working, I ought to be”. Three and a half years on, I’m still astounded by his tireless work ethic.
He loves to go to work every day. Jared builds custom furniture (www.jawoodworking.com) and he is genuinely excited to work at every stage of it. His designs are meticulous and beautiful and every single client he has ever had has been astounded by the beauty of the pieces he builds. In less than a year he has built this business to the point that he is quite swamped. Still he refuses to work extra-long hours in the evenings to get it done. He would rather rise at 5am and go in to work early so that he can come home at a decent hour to be with his family. That’s us. I’m his wife and together we have two little boys. They are almost one and almost two and they would provide an even more ringing endorsement than I could. He has changed almost as many of their diapers as I have, shared the responsibility of getting up with them in the night and remembers to hide little blocks of wood or old hinges in his pockets for them to find when he comes home from work.

He calls me “My Love” because he believes that “babe” or “hon” are not respectful enough. He always uses it and has ever since he and I were first engaged. He backpacks, hunts, cycles, rock climbs and reads really good books (currently in the middle of St Augustine’s Confessions) and he does it all with kindness, competence and without putting himself or his desires before the wants and needs of his wife and children. He is chaste, wise, patient and strong. Jared is a husband, father and craftsman and the manliest man we know.

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