Art of Manliness T-shirts

We’ve teamed up with Tankfarm Clothing to create the manliest t-shirts ever known to man. Check out the TankFarm AoM Store to see all the shirts.

The Bull Moose Party

bull moose

Concerned about the direction the country was going in, in 1912 TR ran for an unprecedented third term as President. When it became clear that the Republican party bosses were not going to nominate him, he bolted the convention and formed the Progressive Party, otherwise known as the Bull Moose Party. Show your support for the greatest third party in American history with this awesome tee.

Gentlemen’s Boxing Club


Okay, so we still found a way to sneak a little TR into this one. What can I say; we can’t help ourselves.

Razor Sharp


Barbershops are some of the very last bastions of manliness. Convince your friends to forever forsake Supercuts by wearing this shirt.

All the tees are $16.50 and can be ordered from the Tankfarm/Art of Manliness store. If you don’t have the scratch to buy one, don’t forget that you can obtain a shirt the good old fashioned way: by earning one.

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