Social Media for Men

The Art of Manliness is blessed with one of the most passionate and active readership of any blog. We have thousands of people reading the blog daily, over 25,000 RSS subscribers and over 10,000 email subscribers. That is why, as we try to figure out the next steps in growing our community, we need your help. While we’ve been happy with the growth of our community so far, we feel that it’s time to step it up and take it to the next level, and here’s how we plan to do it.

Our blog is a bootstrapped operation with a non-existent marketing budget and our growth is predominantly the result of word of mouth from men and women who feel that someone they know could do with a little more manliness in their life. With that in mind, we  believe that the best way for us to grow our community is to leverage social media to our advantage. Here’s how.

Social News

Site’s like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and so on, can drive thousands of new visitors to a blog if used properly and in moderation. Therefore we recommend that if you find an article on the site valuable, and you think others will find it interesting (and it just so happens that you’re a member of a social news or bookmarking community), please go ahead and share our content with others. There can never be enough chivalrous manliness in the world!

Social Networking

Site’s like Facebook provide a simple and easy way to share the content you love with the people closest to you. If you’re a member of any such site, don’t hesitate to share an article you just enjoyed with your network of friends and family. Sharing has never been easier.

To help us with social news and social network promotion, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of any post and look for the following buttons (click the site you would like to share on and you’re on your way).


Blogging Manliness

While Art of Manliness focuses entirely on unique and original content, there are many sites in the blogosphere that focus on highlighting interesting and informative content from other sites. A great way to share our content with the general blog audience is to submit articles you enjoy to sites like Neatorama, Mental Floss, and so on.

The Old Fashioned Way

Feel like you’re old fashioned and not quite ready to jump into social media just yet? No problem! To share our content with other old fashioned folks you know, simply click the email button at the top of any post, or for offline people click the print button to get yourself a hard copy of Manliness.


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