AoM Month of Sandwiches Day #4: Southwest Breakfast Sandwich


Welcome to Day #4 of the AoM sandwich project. Last month we asked readers for their best sandwich recommendations. Out of 483 submissions, we picked 20 to highlight here on the site each weekday during the month of April. At the end, we’ll publish all the entries into an epic man-sandwich cookbook. Enjoy.

Today’s Sandwich: The Southwest Breakfast Sandwich by Matt

Matt didn’t name his sandwich, but based on the ingredients, I figured The Southwest Breakfast Sandwich seemed about right. I love breakfast; who doesn’t, right? So I had to pick a couple of breakfast sandwiches from the list. Bacon, egg, and cheese on a muffin is pretty standard, but mix it up with pepper jack and throw salsa on top, and you got yourself a potential superstar.



  • Bacon (not specified, but I used just two strips)
  • Egg (fried – over-hard was Matt’s preference)
  • Pepper jack cheese
  • Salsa
  • English muffin

Step 1: Fry Bacon


The best part of waking up…is bacon in your skillet.


Step 2: Fry Egg in Bacon Grease


It’s a little messy. I’m still not very good at cracking eggs.

Step 3: Toast Muffin and Slice Cheese

Could have just bought slices, but slicing up a high-quality block is always better.

While the egg was frying I sliced the pepper jack and toasted the English muffin. Could have just bought slices, but slicing up a high-quality block is always better.

Step 4: Start Assembly


Matt didn’t specify assembly, so I freestyled it and went with cheese on the bottom.

Step 5: Add the Egg


Egg next so that the cheese could melt between the toasted muffin and hot egg. I actually split the egg in half it would be more manageable as a sandwich. I didn’t want to have to use a fork.

Step 6: Add the Bacon


I split both bacon strips in half and gave one strip to each sandwich. Turned out to be the perfect amount.


Step 7: Top with Salsa


The wrinkles of the bacon perfectly held in the salsa so as not to make a giant mess. I used a medium, moderately-chunky salsa, but that’s just my preference.

Step 8: Devour


A delicious open-faced southwest breakfast sandwich. Superb!

Taster’s Thoughts

This sandwich was simply phenomenal. I love a good breakfast sandwich, and these small upgrades kicked it up more than a few notches. The spiciness of the pepper jack cheese was perfect, and the salsa actually added some sweetness, too. The crispy, crunchy bacon was balanced perfectly by the meltiness of the cheese and the juiciness of the salsa. This is a sandwich I will put into my repertoire, and I can see this becoming a weekend morning staple.

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