The Manival #10: Independence Day Edition

This week in the United States we’ll be celebrating our Independence Day. The group of men involved with the founding of the United States were some of history’s best and brightest. They stood for the ideals that every man should aspire to. Among that group of men were military geniuses, inventors, and philosophers. It took men of valor and virtue to take on and defeat the most powerful military in the world. Simply amazing. While our country hasn’t been the perfect example of the ideals that the Founding Fathers espoused, those ideals are something we should continually strive to live up to. While you’re celebrating the 4th of July with your loved ones, take some time to think about the great men who helped make this country what it is today.

Now for the Manival.


Womopo presents 3 Highly Effective Ways To Meet More Women. If you’re a single guy looking for love, Womopo suggests several places where you can meet the kind of woman you’d want to settle down with.

A Good Husband asks What Does Religion Mean to Your Marriage? Cory recently did a survey about religion’s place in people’s marriages. There were some interesting results.

iamhusband asks and discusses Why Doesn’t She Want Sex Like I Do? According to iamhusband, men need sex to feel loved and women need love to have sex. While it seems like a setup destined for frustration, this post suggests ways men can be better husbands and show selfless love for their wives.

The Simple Marriage Project takes on the issue that has plagued many a married man: the wandering eye. In Man Up: It’s Just Window Shopping, Right? Corey argues that “window shopping” isn’t as harmless as men think it is to a relationship.

Hayden Tompkins discusses Why She Loves Dating an Older Man. Hayden is the author of Persistent Illusion and one of Art of Manliness’ favorite female readers. Hayden discusses why she enjoyed dating and marrying her husband, an older man. Hayden’s husband sounds like quite a guy.


Jeremy at Discovering dad asked several dad bloggers what they think about honest communication. The post originated from a question that a mom blogger had. Great discussion on having better and more open communication between you and your spouse.

Harrowed Parent talks about how he’s implementing Father-Son Bonding Time. The take away: start early and make time for it.

Dad of Divas presents A Father as a Beacon to his children. This is a really great post. He makes a great analogy of fathers as lighthouses for their children. Like lighthouses, fathers should put out a beacon of light so their children know how to stay out of harm’s way.

Totally Consumed presents On Being a Stand-Up Guy: For Dad. This man’s father is an example to all men on what it means to be a good husband. It means giving and expecting the best from those around you.

Daddy Brain presents Equal Rights for Kids, Part 1: Let Your Kids Decide. Helping your kids make decisions on their own is important, but remember, you’re the parent. Don’t let them run the house.

Being Michael’s Daddy presents Traditions, a humorous look at one man’s goal at creating family traditions with his son.

John Stewart discusses careless and stupid parents. Being a good father means not doing things that will harm your children. I am amazed by the guy who put his toddler in a plastic bag. What an imbecile.

Sports, Health, and Recreation

Fat Man Unleashed presents The Best Foods For Men. A nice post that summarizes Men’s Health Magazine’s list of 125 best foods for men.

James Hills presents Mancation Story: Annual Buffalo Bills Away Game and breaks down a mancation that one group of men took. It’s cool reading how they planned and carried out their man trip.

Primer Magazine presents Hero Training: Evacuating the Wounded. Are you ready to carry out a wounded person? This article shows some techniques on carrying a wounded person.

Manning Up

Return to Manliness presents Manliness Trait: Try To Be Interesting, But ALWAYS Be Interested. Dale Carnegie said the best way to be charming is be interested in other people. Put the focus on them and you’re sure to shine.

Stormbringer’s Thunder discusses the man hating that seems to be prevalent in society in Man Bad, Woman Good. Great points on the bad arguments some feminists make about men and the lousy portrayal men get in the media.

Alessandro presents Sprezzatura and gentlemanliness. He gives a nice review of a book called The Complete Gentleman: The Modern Man’s Guide to Chivalry. Looks like a good book. Have to put it on my “to read” list.

Paul Cat presents Is chivalry dead? This post takes on some of the arguments that chivalry is dead (or should be). Interesting responses. Personally I think men should still practice chivalry. Most women I know agree.


Dr. Awesome presents Crocs and Clogs. No man should be caught dead in crocs or clogs. Crocodile skin boots are okay, though.

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