The Polls Are Open: Vote For Your Favorite AoM T-Shirt Design

Notice: Polls are back online. Make sure to cast your vote!

Three weeks ago, I made a call for Art of Manliness readers to submit designs for a reader T-shirt contest. Man did you all ever respond. We received many fantastic submissions and I have to say we were blown away by several of them. A lot of creative genius is lurking amongst AoM readers.

Prizes up for grabs

We were so impressed with the work some of you put into the designs, we decided to up the number and amounts of prizes for the men’s contest. There will be two first prize winners. One for the men’s shirt and one for the ladies.

The first place winners will receive:

  • $100 (for the men’s contest)/$50 (for the women’s contest) Gift Card  to
  • A Subscription to Popular Mechanics Magazine
  • A Free T-shirt
  • An insane amount of fame and prestige. Maybe not an insane amount, but you’ll definitely be famous among thousands of Art of Manliness readers.

We’ve also decided to add a second and third place runner-up prize for the men’s contest. Second prize in the men’s design will receive a $50 gift certificate to Amazon. Third place will receive a $25 gift certificate.

How to choose: Pick the one logo  you think fits best with the ethos of Art of Manliness and that would look cool on a t-shirt. Remember: think about wearability too. A design may look cool, but you may not be able to imagine yourself wearing it around. Vote for the shirt you’d be proud to sport.

Vote using the polls below.

Voting ends: July 28.

Without further ado, the entries.

Men’s entries

Men’s Logo #1 (below)

Men’s Logo #2 (below)

Men’s Logo #3 (below)

Men’s Logo #4 (below)

Men’s Logo #5 (below)

Men’s Logo #6 (below)

Men’s Logo #7 (below)

A better look at the front:

Men’s Logo #8 (below)

Men’s Logo #9 (below)

Men’s Logo #10 (below)

Men’s Logo #11 (below)

Men’s Logo #12 (below)

Men’s Logo #13 (below)

Men’s Logo #14 (below)

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Ladies Designs

Ladies Logo #1 (below)

Ladies Logo #2 (below)

Ladies Logo #3 (below)

Ladies Logo #4 (below)

From the designer: My idea for the slogan came from the fact that so many women today are being labeled as the “pant wearers” in the home, when this is truly a position for the man of the household – one that he needs to take responsibility for.

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